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Personal Coaching Feedback System with Unique Sensor and Therapy

Improve every breath you take with an innovative sensor technology and personalized training program.
Breathing. Would you like to master yours?
Check this unique sensor that measures the quality of your abdominal and chest breathing.
With immediate feedback and our personalized training program you can learn to improve every breath you take.

Better breathing means healthier living

Breath In Balanz

“Breathing seems such a simple process. We take it for granted. Turns out it is really complex, and lots can go wrong”.

Prof. Anne Bruton

Develops a Personalized Feedback System for the treatment and signaling of a dysfunctional (disordered) breathing such as hyperventilation. This Personalized Feedback System can be used both by the practitioner in the practice as by the patient in the home situation to assess and treat on the one hand dysfunctional breathing and on the other hand repair a peaceful natural belly/flank breathing.

This Personalized Coaching Feedback System can be used independently and, if necessary, allows the user to enable a therapist. The care professionals can also offer this instrument with therapy itself.

Yearly 600.000 patients suffer in the Netherlands from dysfunctional (disordered) breathing such as hyperventilation. In Europe and the USA this is a population of over 80 million patients of which the healthcare costs exceed 240 billion euro in the meantime.

A dysfunctional breathing  such as hyperventilation is often caused by a.o. stress,  fear and panic, but also with psychological and social non well-being.  This can cause a lot of complaints that are not always recognized and acknowledged in time. Dysfunctional breathing also occurs with COPD and asthmatic patients.



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Selected by Start Up Delta for the CES 2018 in Las Vegas from 9-12 january


Nominated for Young Business Award 2017

Nominated for the Drentse Start UP 2017


Sonja Nijhuis

Co founder en partner

Nellie Bontekoe

Co founder en partner



ItoM is a design service & IP provider focused on IC & system developments for RF transceivers and broadcast tuners.

ItoM has silicon proven system IP currently in production by our customers and offers complete transceiver & tuner designs as well as various valuable IP blocks.ItoM is continuously working on internal IP developments to achieve breakthrough designs. Supporting the internal IP roadmap ItoM has build partnerships with specialists in certain fields of expertise.

ItoM has a partnership with BlueICe, semiconductor expert in wireless systems like Bluetooth & Wi-Fi as well as processor based designs.

                                               Financial Support

Breath In Balanz receives financial support from  SNN  for stimulation of the innovation.

This support comes partly from the European Fund for Regional Development ( EFFRO)  and the regions Friesland, Groningen en Drenthe in the Netherlands 

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