The first full solution respiration program with a sensor and exercises to improve every breath you take.

Feel healthier, happier and get more energy

Take a deep breath!

Breathing is what you do, always and everywhere your whole life. Stress an tension can effect breathing pattern, in turn, causing a disruptive breathing pattern.

This can lead to various problems such as palpitation, hyperventilation, sleeping problem and it can even cause mental problem ore reduce your self confidence.

9 out of 10 have a disruptive breathing pattern but most don’t now!

It is not your heart, it is the way you breath!



ItoM is a design service & IP provider focused on IC & system developments for RF transceivers and broadcast tuners. ItoM has silicon proven system IP currently in production by our customers and offers complete transceiver & tuner designs as well as various valuable IP blocks.ItoM is continuously working on internal IP developments to achieve breakthrough designs. Supporting the internal IP roadmap ItoM has build partnerships with specialists in certain fields of expertise. ItoM has a partnership with BlueICe, semiconductor expert in wireless systems like Bluetooth & Wi-Fi as well as processor based designs.

Financial Support

Breath In Balanz receives financial support from  SNN  for stimulation of the innovation.

This support comes partly from the European Fund for Regional Development ( EFFRO)  and the regions Friesland, Groningen en Drenthe in the Netherlands 

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