In the respiratory practice of therapist Sonja Nijhuis en Nellie Bontekoe, both experience experts with a disfunctional breathing pattern, they spent many years helping people who have had trouble breathing correctly.

This made them question if there was a way to empowder dysfunctional breathing respirators with the right tools so that they could start to control their breathing again.

The answer came in the development of a personalized coaching and feedback system: an 80 day program (used this breathing program already for 14 years), accessible via smartphone or tablet, that helps people who are experiencing stress ore tension to control and restore their breathing at any lace and any time.

Breath in Balanz’s innovative sensor is unique. It is the first better breathing tool to take its measurement from a sensor on the belly and instantly show the abdominal breathing and also the frequency.

In 2013 they developed the first breathing coach (with no sensor) with more the 32.000 downloads.

In 2017 we started with the development of a personal coaching and feedback system consisting of a sensor that measures how your abdominal breathing is, the frequency and depth of your breathing and an application for a mobile device equipped with a exercise package to improve or restore your breathing pattern.

Martijn de Groot has been a consultant since 2017 because of his enormous knowledge in the field of wearables and as dir. Quantified Self.

In July 2018 the new CEO, Leo Elenbaas, joined Breath In Balanz, who earned his spurs in the retail and wholesale areas of marketing, sales, communication and the development of business plans for the American, Asian and EMEA interests. As CEO of Global Wearables he has gained knowledge in the field of medical devices.

Also in July 2018 Robert van Hamersveld joined as a consultant. With his company, Expert Initiative, he is a global pivot for a series of start ups and scale ups.

Benjamin Pomerantz has come to strengthen us since september 2018 as a consultant in the field of marketing and sales. His experience as CEO of Pocket Media is very useful for Breath In Balanz B.V.

Leo Elenbaas

Sonja Nijhuis

Nellie Bontekoe

Robert van Hamersveld

Martijn de Groot

Benjamin Pomerantz