Financial support
Breath In Balanz has received financial support from the SNN to stimulate their innovation.
VIA2018 Plus,
Start:15-11-2018, Belt for Breath In Balanz.
Developing a belt for measuring the breathing frequency.
This subsidy scheme is co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the provinces of Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen.




is under development (pre release Q4- 2019)
 The Breath Balanz is a personal coaching and feedback system that helps you improve your breathing pattern.
The Breath Balanz consist of a sensor who measure the breathing frequency and is connected to mobile device ( smartphone or tablet)
with a proven exercise program and validated symptoms list.
Breathe like a baby again
Use the BreathBalanz to measure your breathing pattern.
Sleep better, feel more vital and
get more energy
With the practice based respiratory therapy improve or restore your breathing pattern.
A quiet natural breathing
No palpitations, bad sleep, tired or hyperventilating but more equipped, fitter and relaxed.
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Stress, panic, anxiety, social or non-psychological well-being can cause dysfunctional breathing.
Consider: stress at work or in the relationship sphere.
Fears that arise after, for example, a heart attack or cancer.
Hyperventilation is a way of breathing: fast and deep and this is not a disease!
Long-term stress or tension can lead to hyperventilation without needing extra energy.
This can cause many complaints.
Neck and shoulder complaints: due to excessive use of your neck-chest muscles
Fatigue: many breath work and your anxious concern for physical symptoms
Tendency to fainting: reducing blood flow Bloated feeling: because you went air-fresh
Financial support
Breath In Balanz has received financial support from  Novel-T  Top Regulation University Twente 
Financial support
Breath In Balanz has received financial support from The Rabobank Meppel and the Innovation Fund Rabobank